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New Themes: Disposability and Resiliency

A couple themes have been perculating in my head over the past several months: disposability and resiliency.  While they may seem related, I don’t intend a connection–they’ve just bubbled to the surface at about the same time.  Here is the gist…

1. Designing disposable experiences may create more value than deeply transformative experiences.

2. Large systems are brittle.  Small systems in large volumes are resilient.  We may be at the end of “economies of scale” and at the beginning of “resilient systems”

Just some stuff to kick around in the old brain pan.

5 Responses to “New Themes: Disposability and Resiliency”

  1. Tom Froese Says:

    Interesting. I’m not sure how disposable experiences can be more valuable than deeply transformative ones, though. What is a disposable experience? a night at the movies? a box of fireworks? What about transformative? a session with a psychiatrist? A visit to a museum?

    These are my best guesses.

    Oh, also, do you share your name online? I may need to quote your blog on a paper I’m writing.


  2. niti bhan Says:

    nibby’s back! can I make the official announcement already? ;p

  3. Gong Szeto Says:

    ? (!)

  4. niblettes Says:

    haha! send out the party invites niti.

    And Tom, quote whatever you need — this is afterall a public conversation.

  5. Alayna Fluetsch Says:

    But he conceded the more earth-bound portion of this year’s State of the Union represented a very unusual policy speech: “Less a checklist of proposals, and [more a] focus on the values at stake in the choices before us.”

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