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Why I’m Such a Curmudgeon

I don’t usually like to write about myself.  But I read something recently from an incredibly unlikely source that crysalizes why I’m such a curmudgeon.  That source is Entertainment Weekly’s article on the 2008 People’s Choice Awards.

The only thing I can hope for is this: When people like Kid Rock and Adam Sandler take to the microphone and crow ever so humbly about how their work is not “for the critics,” but “for the people,” all of us will take a second to remember that there is nothing wrong with a people who are also critical. Whether we use our mouses, our remotes, our blogs, or our hard-earned cash, it is up to us to decide what kind of culture we want to live in. And while it may be easy and indeed quite fun to stand in a metaphorical mosh pit and high-five every shiny famous person who comes down the pike, I happen to believe we as a people are capable of ever so much more. (Need proof? The Dark Knight.) To echo last night’s oft-repeated phrase, Yes we can demand excellence. Yes we can think analytically, write articulately, and speak passionately about art and artists in our society. I go so far as to say it is our responsibility. We cannot let crap like this win.

Yes.  While its easy to be a vacuous cheerleader of bullshit, I too happen to belives that we are all capable of so much more.  We cannot let crap win.

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  1. WhiskeyJim Says:

    Your examples highlight a pet peeve of mine. Except for an exception here and there, I haven’t seen a decently, creative comedian or funny sitcom for decades.

    Where did all the funny people go?

    Or is it the dummed down pandering culture combined with a unfaltering focus on body functions and their vulgar descriptions that is keeping them down?

    Your example of “The Dark Knight” is a good one. Hollywood is bent on providing a great number of very bad actors and directors with jobs. I had given up on the Batman series until “Dark Knight” came along. I am convinced the issue is fundamentally an ideological problem and the trends are very strong.

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