Remote Ventilator Patient Monitor


Remote Patient Monitor

Respiratory therapists cover patient throughout a hospital, making it very difficult to monitor both condition and device configuration to know when and how to intervene.

Provide respiratory therapists with remote real-time view of all of their patients’ conditions and device configurations.


Ventilator - Dashboard
Ventilator – Dashboard

Dashboard shows all of a respiratory therapist’s patients.  Each patient tile indicated condition metrics, state, and identification.


Multi Device Monitor - Ventilator - Web
Multi Device Monitor – Ventilator – Web

A multi-device patient monitor view, features the details of a ventilator.  The goal is to show the clinical the full state of the device to facilitate instructions for clinicians on site.


Ventilator - Tablet
Ventilator – Tablet

A small tablet view of ventilator settings and metrics


Ventilator - Nurse Station
Ventilator – Nurse Station

A large group display of patient data to be mounted at a nurse station.