Wholesale Marketplace

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Wholesale Marketplace

The legacy marketplace was phone based, with price discovery and contract happening in live one-on-one conversations.  This is slow, inefficient, and leaves many potential buyers out of deals.  

Create a live pricing and contract marketplace where brokers can see everything all at once and all contribute to price discovery and close contracts as fast as possible.


WM - Wholesale Order Pipeline
WM – Wholesale Order Pipeline
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Offers are negotiated on the phone with buyers.  But the information is aggregated and shared in real time for more efficient price discovery.
As price stabilizes product allocations are negotiated, which feeds back into prices as supply and demand continually rebalance.  
Lastly deals are closed with orders are signed, supply is allocated and solid pricing information is feedback into the recommendation algorithms for future rounds of offers.
All of this takes place in real time.
WM - Wholesale Fulfillment Pipeline
WM – Wholesale Fulfillment Pipeline