Personal: 3D Furniture Models

Personal Project

Furniture and Appliance

I could not find the acceptable off the shelf model for these pieces

I had to make my own models since these specific pieces were important to the interior design

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Antique Wedgewood Oven
Antique 1941 Wedgewood Over.  I got it for $500 on CL.  It became the centre piece of the entire home renovation.  This was a difficult model to make because the stove h as no sharp corners.  Everything is rounded.  Getting the curvature geometries even roughly correct was a challenge.

Antique Wedgewood Stove


Mid-Century Modern Sideboard and Hutch
Original Danish mid-century sideboard and hutch.

Mid-Century Sideboard Hutch


Farmhouse Buffets
A couple different buffets and sizes

Farmhouse Buffers